Vitamin D may decrease breast cancer risk, study reportsVitamin D is hailed as a wonder nutrient, capable of lowering a person's risk of different forms of cancer. Recent research now confirms that people with high enough levels of this vitamin in

Landmark cancer prevention report puts forth a blueprint to reduce the risk of cancersThe American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) recently issued an evidence-based blueprint for healthy living that

What are the first symptoms of ovarian cancer ?It is often difficult to diagnose ovarian cancer in its early stages because the symptoms are similar to those of other conditions. Anyone who experiences unexplained abdominal symptoms that last for m

Health risks of consistent low-level smoking (January 2018)Although cigarette smoking is widely recognized as having adverse effects on health, patients sometimes feel that if they don’t smoke very much, they will be safe from health risks. However

Higher fiber intake and mortality in nonmetastatic colorectal cancerHigh dietary fiber intake has been associated with a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer (CRC), but the post-diagnosis effect was not known. Now, a study including over 1500

Birth rate after radioiodine for the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancerRadioiodine (RAI) is administered after thyroidectomy in selected patients with differentiated thyroid cancer. Transient amenorrhea may occur following therapy, but subs

For women with HER2-positive early-stage breast cancer, taking Herceptin for 6 months could be as effective as 12 months in preventing relapse and death, and can reduce side effects, finds new research.

Family history and breast cancer risk among older womenData suggest that family history is an important risk factor for breast cancer, although the magnitude of the risk for older women is controversial. In a prospective cohort study of over 400, 0

Esophageal adenocarcinoma mortality and GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has been associated with an increased risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma and possibly other malignancies, but the overall mortality impact appears small. In a large

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